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Offering specialty foods since 2011

Food is central to how we celebrate our heritage.  It’s tied to cultures, traditions, and memories.  Food is a meaningful way to bring people, cultures, and communities together.

Learning how to make authentic traditional recipes from your mother or grandmother makes for incredibly special memories.   It also is the way we carry on the legacy and share recipes that have been in families for generations.

GCN African Market is here to create connections and strengthen the community as we support our neighborhood in Framingham and the surrounding area.

-   ABOUT US  -

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GCN African Market is Framingham’s largest and premier specialty market of African and Caribbean foods, household products, and personal items. We specialize in and offer a wide variety of traditional and hard-to-find products.  Here you can find foods from tropical regions including Congolese, Senegalese, Nigerian, Ghanaian, West African, South African, Jamaican, Liberian, and more. 

We take pride in meeting our customer’s grocery needs and give the utmost attention to your comments and feedback. Exceptional customer service is the top priority while providing you with quality products at affordable prices.

Since 2011, GCN African Market has been serving Framingham and the surrounding communities providing authentic ethnic foods and more.  We desire to make a difference in people’s lives and have a positive influence on the community.  We are inviting you to shop with us and to become a part of our family.

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